Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And so we enter endgame

After all that buildup for the last two weeks, I'm tempted just to say something stupid like, "Everything worked out fine.  We had a standoff, and Mr. Glick was goaded into admitting that he wanted to get rid of me because my fabulous teaching made him look bad, but when he turned around, the entire school and PTO and board was there, listening, courtesy of my sidekick, fellow teacher Jill. Mr. Glick was fired after parents stormed the office, demanding I be reinstated. The board realized that I was the blameless person and shook hands with me as the music swelled and students cheered."

Well, that didn't happen.  I wish it had because it would be a whole lot more cinematic that what actually occurred. But sometimes I like to pretend it did if only to use that scene sometime in the future.

What did happen?  Ken got busy negotiating.  He'd call me every evening with gleeful updates that made my stomach churn.  I had to find every email, every meeting recording I made and turn them over after transcribing them. It was exhausting and felt like I had a colonoscopy every day.

A week after I left, I got my dream job offer, one that is more flexible, pays better, and will propel my career forward in a way that DA never would.  Ironically, I started the day that Ken finally finished negotiating a settlement.  Basically, I got everything I asked for, plus more.  Ken couldn't actually believe it.  He was giddy; I was relieved.

I'm just glad I'll never have to deal with Debut Academy again.  I'll miss my students, but all my teacher friends there either quit this year or retired. Mr. Glick is still there, but I honestly wonder how long he'll last.

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm glad it happened.  I might have stayed and become used to working in a dysfunctional environment, and that's never good.  I might have missed the opportunity to apply for the job I have now.  Unfortunately, this has made me more suspicious of the people I work with, and I don't know that that will ever go away.  But to quote the poet, "My head is bloody but unbowed."  Which still sounds overly dramatic to me and a bit pretentious, but when am I ever going to get the chance to use that line again?