Monday, December 19, 2016

The most blunder-filled time of the year

Once again, it's time to grade essays and weep over what my students submitted.  On the one hand, I applaud my students for trying harder.  On the other hand, I sometimes wish they wouldn't try harder, because you get writing like what you'll see next:

People should work together in unity to accomplish problems.

This is an exemplified example of what I’m talking about.

Many people believe that the Internet is capable of giving them a full education, which many underclass people are in dire need of.

The internet is slowly taking away the need of better experts, which is beginning the downfall of a corrupt society.

I resonate identically with this idea.

There are many websites that can alter facts and falsify actuality.

While these viewpoints can be considered valid, they are not as accurate as my viewpoint.

I think this last one is my favorite.  Who wouldn't want to have this level of confidence?  I mean, this student really shouldn't be displaying it, but still...