Monday, November 14, 2016

Like, you know - whatever...

One piece of advice I constantly repeat to students is almost universally dismissed: read your writing aloud.  When you read what you've written out loud, you can hear the mistakes in it.  But students just won't do it.  For some reason, they seem to think that they can find the errors on their own, or worse, they assume that there aren't any.  When I read their writing aloud, they usually start to squirm and try to grab the paper from me, mumbling, "Yeah, okay, I'll fix it."

All of the following examples show what happens when a high school writer doesn't follow my advice.  While it makes for pretty good entertainment for blog readers, it sure doesn't inspire confidence for the future.  

Music can help people get better or for the worst.

Music has been around for many generations.

People will listen to the “new hits,” but they will be influenced by society and their emotions.

Some songs drive people to create stern and rugged personalities.

Living in society daily and being around others show me many different things about people.

Music is a huge influence to people’s thoughts and actions, but also peelings.

Music can effect your sadness, anger/hate, and drug-use tendencies.

Music brings us closer, binds our lives together in a web with ties stronger than blood.

Music can’t influence people to do anything.  I listen to rap and I’m not influenced by it, but other people are. 

It's still early enough in the year that I have hope we can undo the damage, but sadly, it's too early in the day to drink myself into a stupor.