Monday, July 25, 2016

Maybe humor is in the eye of the beholder, or it's stuck in the eye.

Again, it's time to share some of the wonderful writing that my students have churned out over summer school.  I'm sure that if I was using some illegal substances while reading these that my mind would expand, but right now it's slamming shut like an angry clam, leaving me with a headache.  

I've now switched from Coke Zero to Diet Mountain Dew.  I don't think it's helped.

Everyone uses humor in different ways, wether it be for dealing with things or the class clown.

Humor is a way of expressing how you feel, creativeness, playfulness, and it comes naturally.

Sometimes humor can make people feel better about serious stuff, such as bullying.

Jokes can help in life with everything such as deppresion, self harm, family problems and even more!

Humor is it needed in life threatening situations?

Secondly humor can lead to death situations.  One common mistake can ruin investigations.

Humor can be for laughter or for bulling.

Both points of views can have very good opinions.

Have you ever been hanging from a cliff, ready to die but saying jokes to lighten the mood a bit?

For the last one, I can honestly say no, I haven't, but that depends on your definition of a cliff.