Wednesday, July 6, 2016

IWSG - Having a time out

So, I didn't write for a couple of weeks because I left on a trip, a road trip, to be exact.  And you know what I found out?  I can't stand being in the car for hours on end.  Even though it's IWSG day, that isn't what I'm insecure about.

Don't get me wrong, I had a good time once I wasn't in the car.  But I worried quite a bit about getting behind on posting.  Friends of mine assured me that it was fine to take time off.  However, it didn't feel so much like "time off" as much as a "time out."

I think I'm taking a "time out" because it's hard for me to try to keep being funny.  I like my job and I like the kids I work with, but sometimes the stress of trying so hard to help them wears on me.  It's difficult to continue to find the humor in it all without resorting to constant sarcasm and snarkiness.  I worry that I'll become one of those teachers who become increasingly bitter about the inanities of our profession, and it will come out in my writing.

Okay, I did have one funny thing happen the other day.  I was working with a student, tutoring him to help him with his summer reading, actually, when I tried to come up with an analogy to explain his reading assignment.

"So Connor, this book is a lot like - um, well... have you ever seen The Matrix?"

Connor immediately looked thoughtful.  "Yeah, The Matrix."  I nodded, hoping he got my point about a false dystopian world.  Then he said, "Yeah, you know, that's a movie that really makes you think, you know, Ms. Marlowe?"

Uh, no.