Monday, May 23, 2016

Beginning again at the end

So, the A to Z blog challenge really wore me out.  It doesn't help that it came on top of finals, a major research paper that was due in my classes, and standardized testing.  I think I posted up my last blog entry and then hibernated away from the computer for three weeks.

But, here I am again, ready to make the icy plunge back into the blogosphere.  Research papers are graded, finals are completed (but not graded, still working on that), and standardized testing is over.  It's been a good but exhausting year, coupled with the fact that I'm finally making the plunge to do something I've been putting off for years, which is graduate school.  Yes, I know I teach school, but I don't actually want to go myself.  So I won't, sort of.  I plan to take a class here and there until I'm finally done.

Meanwhile, test essay questions need scoring, and being tired means they get funnier as the day drags on.  So I thought I'd share in the hopes that you go home, show it to your kid and tell them that this type of writing is something both you and their teacher better not see again.

Today Junior High and high School are allowed to play in such sports and the question is “What do you think?”

Mostly young females are placed into “beauty pageants.”

Various kinds of competition have taken place throughout the existence of the universe.

Competition in children could cause, a more hostile society, take away the fun, but even gain self-confidence.

Growing up, children are only exposed to the good parts of life.

Not many put too much thought into it.  (Sports)

Some say competition creates a hostile society.  This is true in some ways but it can also be a genital push for kids to do better in the things they are good at and desire to do. 

That last one made its way around the teacher's lounge.  You could tell who read it by the high pitched squeal he or she made, be the reader male or female.