Monday, May 30, 2016

The end of the line, wherever the line is

End of the school year is upon us - yay!

Don’t get me wrong; we teachers tend to like what we do.  But it doesn’t mean we aren’t as eager for the school year to end as the kids are.

Sometimes it’s because you get a crappy class, and you’re just tired of dealing with the personalities in there.  A friend of mine has an English class that he just hates.  The reason he hates them is because they just sit and blink at him and never respond to his questions.  It’s weird enough that a visitor could reasonably assume the kids are just hostile little turds who want to make his job hard.

You might be excited about the end of the year because you’re either quitting or moving on to a new job or new position.  We’ve all had fantasies about running out the door before the students do, yelling “See ya!”  I know I used to.  Of course, I'm happy where I am now, but last year was a different story.  I’d never had a year feel so much like ten years before.  

Sometimes you welcome the end of the year because you’re exhausted.  That’s frequently the case with teachers.  As more and more work gets piled on us, we drag through the year, just barely getting things done.  By the end of the school year, the classroom is a mess, the teacher looks drunk or hungover most days, and she sighs a lot. 

Students are always excited now that the year’s over, especially seniors.  Seniors start asking if you’re coming to graduation, or getting emotional and telling you how much they’ll miss you.  You know they won’t really miss you, but it’s a nice thought.  You might miss some of them, and you might even hear from those few later on down the road. I always grit my teeth when students ask if I'm coming to graduation.  Of course I am, but I wish there were a discreet way to read a book through the ceremony.  Graduations are all the same - boring and uninspiring.  Believe me, I've been to enough that I know what I'm saying.  I even felt the same way about my own.  

I always plan to spend the first few days of summer vacation (after the mandatory teacher development days and “clean out your room days”) sleeping.  After graduation, I plan to stay in bed for the next three days.  I have to sleep off this school year hangover that’s developed over the last nine months.  To sleep, perchance to dream about the perfect class, where students are happy, eager to learn and always turn their work in on time. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Beginning again at the end

So, the A to Z blog challenge really wore me out.  It doesn't help that it came on top of finals, a major research paper that was due in my classes, and standardized testing.  I think I posted up my last blog entry and then hibernated away from the computer for three weeks.

But, here I am again, ready to make the icy plunge back into the blogosphere.  Research papers are graded, finals are completed (but not graded, still working on that), and standardized testing is over.  It's been a good but exhausting year, coupled with the fact that I'm finally making the plunge to do something I've been putting off for years, which is graduate school.  Yes, I know I teach school, but I don't actually want to go myself.  So I won't, sort of.  I plan to take a class here and there until I'm finally done.

Meanwhile, test essay questions need scoring, and being tired means they get funnier as the day drags on.  So I thought I'd share in the hopes that you go home, show it to your kid and tell them that this type of writing is something both you and their teacher better not see again.

Today Junior High and high School are allowed to play in such sports and the question is “What do you think?”

Mostly young females are placed into “beauty pageants.”

Various kinds of competition have taken place throughout the existence of the universe.

Competition in children could cause, a more hostile society, take away the fun, but even gain self-confidence.

Growing up, children are only exposed to the good parts of life.

Not many put too much thought into it.  (Sports)

Some say competition creates a hostile society.  This is true in some ways but it can also be a genital push for kids to do better in the things they are good at and desire to do. 

That last one made its way around the teacher's lounge.  You could tell who read it by the high pitched squeal he or she made, be the reader male or female. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

IWSG - Shorter is better

May is here, and the good news is that I've actually dropped a few pounds!  I'm happy to be less fat than I was previously.

But of course, for IWSG, we don't want to crow about our accomplishments (did I mention I've finally lost some weight?  Cuter swimsuits, here I come!) but speak about our concerns.  I thoroughly enjoyed the A to Z blog challenge, and found several new blogs that I'm excited to follow, but of course, this has excited another concern.

How do we all get the time to do this?  My time each day to catch up on the blogs seems to be shrinking (as is my butt, I hope), and I'm worried that I'm going to be so overwhelmed with the day to day that I'll have to drop it for a good long while.  This is something I really do not want to do.

So I want to know, from the rest of you - how do you keep up with all the blogs?  Do you have a schedule, or how do you block out the time?  Any advice would be appreciated.

By the way, did I mention I lost a couple of pounds?