Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for yearbooks, if one wants them

Dear Ask a Teacher,

My school is trying to get everyone to order a yearbook, but I don’t want to.  Even my mom is pushing me to get one!  I hate this school, and I hate pictures of myself, and besides my friends and the band, I’m not really interested in all the other stuff at the school.  But my mom and teachers keep saying I’m wrong, that I’ll wish I had a yearbook later.  Personally, I just don’t want to spend the money.  I know you’ll probably agree with them, but my mom said I had to write this letter anyway.

Being pushed in Brentwood

Dear Brentwood,
I’m glad you did what your mother asked and wrote to me.  That shows respect for authority and will help your mother trust you and lead to less conflict between the two of you.

If your mother insists on you buying a yearbook, then do it.  Obviously, it means more to her than it does to you, so if she’s paying for it, then make her happy.  It doesn’t matter if you never look at it.

But if you’re paying for it?  Well, Brentwood, then it’s up to you.  Personally, and this may shock you coming from me, I don’t see the need for yearbooks anymore.  Schools are too large to document adequately all the events and activities that happen, and students today have more ways than ever to retain those memories of friendships and events.  The older generation, of which I’m a member, thinks back fondly on yearbooks, as they were the only means we had of remembering our school years.  But your generation has more options, and may choose to use its funds in a different manner.  Plus, students constantly disrupt class by trying to pass around the books for signatures from other students, or even teachers.

I hope that helps.  And check out the other letters in this month’s A to Z blog post challenge.


Mrs. Simons, who better not have to confiscate phones OR books in class next week