Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for...uh, something

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I saw in the grade book that I have an X for the Civil War assignment.  What does that mean?  I'm sure I turned it in.  Can I make it up?  I really need to keep my grades up.


Anxious in Arlington

Dear Anxious,

Danielle, is this you?  We talked about this already.  X means exempt, and it's because you did the extra Lincoln questions that you were exempt from the Civil War Assignment.  What are you so worried about?  You already hit the three!

So stop asking me for extra credit all the time.  I really can't come up with more assignments for you, because I'm trying to start early practice and pick team captains for next year so we'll DEFINITELY make it to state.  That last game was a heartbreaker, especially since Corey was ineligible to play.  Maybe you should talk to him about grades.

Here's an assignment - go read the A to Z blog challenge and leave me alone.


Coach Taylor, who's got his head in the game