Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Why? Why indeed...

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I want to know why we have to start school so early.  Why?  It’s stupid!  We can’t even get a decent night’s sleep.

Tired in Toledo

Dear Tired,

You think you’re tired?  Imagine having to teach six classes, grade 80 research projects, and contact 15 parents to let them know that their child is failing, not to mention making lesson plans and finishing professional development training.

So Tired, I sympathize, but really, not that much, because I get up earlier than you.  And if this is Shannon in 5th period, you told Tina you were up until 3 am Shapchatting with your boyfriend, right before you fell asleep during the quiz.  So, while I know teens could use a later start time biologically, don’t complain to me.  After this whole A to Z blog challenge, my patience is spent with whiny teens.


Ms. Munoz, who may be a first-year teacher but she’s not an idiot