Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for Volume, as in, turn it down

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I’m so mad at my teacher right now.  He took my phone away.  I was in class, and I went to turn my phone off, and it accidentally went off.  The volume was up, I guess, and the Clash of Clans theme played.  My teacher got up and said, “Who’s playing on their phone?”  Everyone then turned and ratted me out.  It wasn’t my fault!  The volume was just up.  I wasn’t playing, and even if I was, we were just watching a video anyway. 

He won’t give it back.  What do I do?  He says my mom has to get it from the office, but I can’t tell my mom because she’s already mad at me for throwing away my school picture order form.

Angry in Annapolis

Dear Angry,

Wait a minute, isn’t this Matthew in third period World History?  I heard about this from Mr. Diego.

Let me give you a rundown of what actually happened.  You weren’t turning off your phone; you were playing with it under your jacket, and you asked to go to the bathroom.  Mr. Diego heard you as you walked to the door.  Since I’ve taught 32 years, this isn’t an original way to get away with playing on your phone.

And by the way, who names their village Space Turtle anyway?  Why didn’t you call yourself something semi-original, like “Swagalicious” or “G-Money”? 

I don’t even think Mr. Diego still has your phone.  I saw the secretary screen-shot your clan’s war bases.  I guess she’s in a rival clan or something.  Why don’t you just read the A to Z blog challenge while you wait to get your phone back?  I’m sure your clan doesn’t need or want you now.


Mr. Hancock, at T-minus 19 days 5 hours and 2 minutes, and who suggests renaming your village "Star Baby"