Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Underage, WAY underage

Dear Ask a Teacher,

My friends are really jealous of me.  This older guy has been giving me rides home and taking me out to lunch, and he’s cool.  We Snapchat sometimes, and he tells me how mature I am for my age, even though I just turned 16.  But my friends say I’m being stupid and are always badmouthing him and saying he’s a creeper.  They say he makes them feel uncomfortable, and they make fun of me when I tell them how funny he is.  I mean, it’s not like he’s a teacher, he just helps with the team!  What can I do to get them to stop talking trash about him?  They’re being so rude! 

Underage but Super-Mature Sophomore

Dear Sophomore,

Please, please, PLEASE tell me you’ve told your mom or dad or guardian or counselor about this.  PLEASE tell me you have. 

Ms. Munoz, who’s in shock

Who is this helper?  I need his name immediately.

Coach Taylor, who wants answers

If you wanted to freak me out in the little time I have left to teach, you succeeded.  Do NOT communicate with this man again.

Mr. Hancock, who can’t believe this is happening AGAIN.

Students and faculty are forbidden to communicate by methods like texting and Snapchat.  I’ll need to contact the dean of students.

Mrs. Simon, who needs to put a stop to this immediately

Oh wow, this isn’t even funny. 

Mr. Crooks, who really doesn’t know what to say

Do you want to come and talk to me about this?  I’m always here for you if you do.  No, really, come and talk to me as soon as you can!  I won’t judge you!

Ms. Mayberry, who only wants to help

Sophomore, you are too young to know what you’re dealing with.  I’m making calls right now.  You better plan on not playing in the next game, if there is a game.  Stay home and check out the A to Z blog challenge

Mrs. Michaels, who’s about to have a VERY long day