Saturday, April 23, 2016

T is for Term(inal)

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I tried to print out my term paper at home, but the printer wouldn’t work.  When I told my teacher why I didn’t have it, she said I should have emailed her, but I told her it was really late, and besides, I think it’s weird to email teachers.  Now I’m upset because she says I’ll get 20 points taken off, and I worked all Sunday afternoon on it.  The other kids say that you’re really nice and I was wondering if you could talk to Mrs. Simon to take my work.

Desperate in Denver

Dear Desperate,

Well, I’ll see what I can do.  Mrs. Simon is very particular about certain things, and I wonder sometimes if her pedagogical approach is developmentally appropriate.  Maybe it’s because all of her children are grown that she’s forgotten what it’s like to be young, but I was surprised at her unwillingness to accommodate the needs of individual students.  I don’t know how receptive she’ll be.  Maybe instead of going to her, I’ll go to her department head and see if she can push Mrs. Simon to take it.  Mr. Gordon is pretty understanding.

4:18 pm update: Great news!  Mr. Gordon said that if we came in together, he could speak to both of us about our request!  Do you have time tomorrow morning at 7:30?  He did ask that you bring the term paper with you.  Is that okay?  You can email it to me if your printer is still broken.  I’ll read the A to Z blog challenge until I hear from you.

7:50 am the next day update: You didn’t come in for the meeting, even though I saw you in the hallway with Brian, and you never emailed me the paper.  Now I have to sign all this paperwork and return it by COB, thanks to you.  I suppose it was my mistake to try and help you out.  Some people just can’t be helped.

Ms. Mayberry, who has no candy to give out to students for the rest of the week, who won’t be available during her conference period and who doesn't care if she isn't your favorite teacher anymore.