Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for Quite Enough, Thanks

Dear Ask a Teacher,

Why do you always have to give us quizzes over last night’s reading?  I mean, it was last night, so I might not remember it!  Why don’t you just review the reading in class instead?  It’s like you want us to have bad grades, and I’m sick of my mom being mad at me and then getting grounded.

Quentin, who wants to be quiz-free

Dear Quentin,

You know what Quentin?  My reading quizzes are a gift because they are the easiest hundred you’ll ever earn.  Not that you would know since you don’t do the reading.

In my 32 years of teaching, I know when someone doesn’t do the reading, and that’s you.  Ask your friend Doug.  He came to me to ask for extra credit, and instead, I told him just to do the reading at night, and his grade will improve.  He went from a D to a B minus, so you could learn something from him. 

Why should I review the reading in class?  I already come prepared to teach, just as I will right up until I retire next month.  Reading means you’re prepared to learn.  So do your part for a change.  And by the way, quit telling your mother I made a “mistake” when I entered your grade.  It’s a waste of her time to check with me, and I’ve started sending emails immediately when I put one of your quiz grades in to reassure her that you did EARN that 34.

Mr. Hancock, who just wants to read the A to Z blog challenge at T-minus 26 days, 1 hour and 44 minutes.