Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for pretty pathetic

Dear Ask a Teacher,

What’s the deal with teachers saying you can only use a pen or a pencil in their class?  My English teacher won’t grade anything written in pencil, and my math teacher gives us a zero if we do problems in pen.  It’s no big deal, seriously!  I mean, sometimes you just don’t have a pen or pencil on you.  Why are teachers so uptight about this anyway?  Besides, in a few years, everything will be done on computers anyways.

There’s no Pen in Pennsylvania

Dear Pen,

Life is a game, Pen.  If you don’t come prepared to play, you don’t play.  I expect my players to show up to the court with their uniform and shoes on, warmed up and ready to go.  If they don’t do that, they can’t play.  You’re showing up without the gear, Pen, so you won’t get on the court.  In fact, I seriously doubt you’ll ever get off the bench. 

The teacher is the coach, and he or she is telling you what you need to play.  You’re no Michael Jordan, Pen, so don’t think anyone should make an exception for you.  Even Jordan came prepared. 
This was a pretty dumb question anyway.  Maybe you should read the other answers I gave in the A to Z blog challenge and then you’d have the right mentality before you hit the court.


Coach Taylor, who has to schedule extra practice sessions and doesn’t like whiners anyway