Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for observation - mine, that is...

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I’m about to have my observation, and I’m freaking out!  I’m scared to death that the principal will find something wrong with my lessons, or think I’m ineffective.  I get very flustered when I know people are watching and judging me, so I’m afraid I’ll mess up, and it will reflect poorly on me.  What can I do to be calm, so I don’t ruin it?

Nervous in Northwood

Dear Nervous,
You have nothing to worry about!  It’ll be fine!  The principal will - well, actually, I haven’t had my formal observation either.  So I really don’t know how to advise you.  What if she stays a long time?  What if she asks the students if they like the lesson?  And what if they say NO?

So many things could go wrong.  This is not good.  My observation is in two weeks, and now I’m freaking out too!

Ms. Munoz who needs to put her head down for a few minutes

Dear Nervous and Ms. Munoz,

Both of you just calm down.  You're being ridiculous.  All the principal is doing is making sure you’re following the curriculum and that you have decent classroom management skills.  She’ll probably stay for 5-10 minutes and then leave.  She won’t ask the kids ANY questions; in fact, the longer she stays, the more you can be sure she’s not paying attention to you and is just looking for a place to hide out and play Candy Crush on her computer, or maybe check out the A to Z blog challenge.

Quit hyperventilating and get back to work.  If you’re a first-year teacher, all she wants to see is that you’re trying.  If you’re not, then God help you.


Ms. Michaels