Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for library, loud, lazy and leery

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I hate going into the school library.  We have to pick out a book, and I never know where to go or what to look for.  Books are boring!  Besides, the librarian gets mad if you try to eat a snack or bring in a water bottle.  It's so unfair because we're students, and we're growing, and we get hungry!  The last time I went in the librarian kicked me out for being too loud and "disturbing the students who were testing." I hate it there, but the school and my teacher are always trying to get us to go to the library.  What's the deal with that, if we're just going to get kicked out?

Lyle, who got a zero for not having a library book even though I told the teacher it wasn't my fault but she didn't believe me

Dear Lyle,

I'm sure you're aware of the library rules, which clearly state that no food or drinks are allowed in there.  Would you want to sit at a computer covered with crumbs, or check out a book that's had Gatorade spilled all over it? 

Furthermore, Lyle, you're supposed to go to the library in order to get a book to read.  Reading is a nonnegotiable part of learning.  I'm sure that if you go in politely and ask the librarian for help, she'd be happy to help you find a book you enjoy.  She helped your friend Chad, who also said he didn't like to read, but who's been secretly enjoying the Uglies series for the past two months.  The key is to be POLITE, and keep your voice down.  The library is for people to READ, and no one can read if someone is yelling at his friend Sheldon across the room. 

If you're not sure what to read, or you don't want to ask the librarian for help, I suggest the A to Z blog challenge.  You'll be entertained and informed.  But it won't replace that zero for not having a book, because yes, Lyle, that WAS your fault.


Mrs. Simon, who believes students should take responsibility for their actions