Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Knickknacks that Krowd the room

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I share a room with another teacher, and the mount of knickknacks he has in the room drives me crazy!  He’s only been here two years, so it’s not like he’s had decades to collect items from students.  Posters cover all the walls, and he has these stupid doo-dads all over his desk and shelves.  They collect dust and get in the way when I’m trying to teach in there.  I’ve told him that his junk makes it hard for me to pull workbooks off the shelves and that students sometimes steal his stuff, but he blows me off – until he finally realizes something is missing, and then he accuses me of taking it or throwing it away!

This is driving me nuts.  Can I do anything?  It’s my first year at this school.  I have to share another room with another teacher as well, but she doesn’t have this problem.

In a Funk over the Junk

Dear Funk,
First of all, let’s not make a mountain out of a dust bunny!  That’s a good one.
I think you may just have to live with it.  If he uses the room most of the time, then he gets to decide what goes up on the walls, desks, and whatnot.  If his stuff goes missing, isn’t that a good thing?  Less for you to worry about!  Plus the dust will cause the posters and knickknacks to fade, and then everything will be fifty shades of gray!  Writers love that joke.  

Maybe you could knock some of his stuff onto the floor.  When he asks if you’ve taken them, point to the floor and say, “Bill, I’m FLOORED by your accusation!”  Get it?  Try that one out in the A to Z blog challenge!


Mr. Crooks, who still isn’t a crook!