Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Just... uh, just, something

Dear Ask a Teacher,

What does “juvenile” mean?  There’s this girl that sits next to me in my geometry class and whenever I do something she always calls me juvenile.  It’s like rude or nasty, right?

Jeremy, but I don’t think I’m juvenile if it means what I think it does

Dear Jeremy,

No, Jeremy, it doesn’t mean rude or nasty.  It means you don’t have the hustle you need to get in the game.  She says you’re like the second string players goofing off on the bench, who aren’t watching the game and getting ready to go in and take it down the field.  If that’s your attitude, you’ll never be college ball material, like the Wildcats.  You should plan on coming to our game on Saturday.

Or it could be that she just doesn’t like you, but either way… Hope you’re enjoying the A to Z blog challenge. 


Coach Taylor, of the district champion Wildcats, who WILL go to state this year