Wednesday, April 6, 2016

IWSG - When life starts to suck

Here we are, once again, airing our dirty laundry (of sorts) for IWSG.  I'm not sure how dirty the laundry really is, but nevertheless, it needs a good cleaning.

This month I'm reassessing my employment situation, again.  Not that I'm not happy at Debut Academy, because for the most part, I am.  But I had an opportunity to get a promotion at work, one that my entire department was sure I'd get, and I was turned down for the stupidest reason imaginable.  It's one of those reasons that makes you laugh at first, thinking that the principal is kidding, and then the laughter sort of trails off and then you cough, and then you say, "Seriously?"  This is while you're reading his email to you, because you know the principal knows the reason was stupid or else he would have told you to your face.  The fact that he's now avoiding you in the hallways is a giveaway as well.

I like teaching, and I like working with students, but I'm beginning to wonder if expecting people to be reasonable and to reward based on merit and hard work rather than cronyism is ridiculous.  Perhaps I'm just naive.  Regardless, it's seriously shaken my faith in what I thought I knew about DA.  All workplaces have problems, and I don't expect things to run perfectly, but when you're denied a promotion based on something that would actually be an asset anywhere else, you start to wonder.

Time for some serious soul-searching. I'll let you know when I find it.