Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Easy...

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I lost my eraser during biology.  Can I have the one I found on your desk? It looks kind of cool, because it’s in the shape of the Death Star and I don’t have one like it.  Also can I have some of these jelly beans I found in your top drawer?


Dear Eddie,

Well, you know the Death Star eraser is pretty special to me, and I’ve never used it before.  It was a gift from my ex-fiance, who was also a Star Wars fan before he decided that he’d rather date the girl down the hall instead of me.  I don’t mind if you use it, okay?  You’ll give it back to me tomorrow, right?  I’ll look for you in the hallway before school, but sure, you can use it.

Oh, and the jelly beans are okay, because I know students get hungry.  The school day is pretty long, and at least you can say you got them from your favorite teacher!  I don’t get really “uptight” about stuff like that, so, you know, it’s cool.  Some teachers might, but not me.  Although I am missing other things from my top drawer, but… never mind.  It’s cool.

And don’t forget to read my latest entry in the A to Z blog challenge!  I’m sure you and your friends will find it interesting.  We can talk about it in class tomorrow while we take a break in the lesson to listen to the new Jay-Z album.

Ms. Mayberry, your favorite teacher in the world!