Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for the Desk that Defines you

Dear Ask a Teacher,

I really don’t like the desk that I sit in during math.  It’s way up by the front, and I can’t really see the rest of the classroom.  But the teacher says I can’t move.  I don’t see why she says I have to sit up front.  I can concentrate just fine in any part of the room, and worse, my friend Jordan doesn’t sit near me, so I have no one to talk to except Tor, the exchange student.  How can I get her to let me switch desks?

Devon, who’s dying at my desk

Dear Devon,

First of all, sit up straight.  You can’t concentrate when you’re slouched over or lying your head down.  In my class, there is no lying your head on your desk.  Second, if the teacher assigned you that seat, then that is your seat.  She probably has good reasons for it.  The front of the room is priority seating, especially for kids who need extra help or have attention issues.  Most parents request it, so you shouldn’t complain when you get to sit where most parents WANT their kids to sit. 

I imagine that you’re not getting a lot accomplished by sitting near Jordan.  Is your work complete?  Is it sloppy or hard to read?  Are you spending too much time trying to talk with your friends?  She has a good reason for your seating arrangement.  You could probably learn a lot from Tor, who came from Finland and who has excellent math skills.

Class isn’t time for you to fool around.  It’s time to WORK and LEARN.  Rather than trying to get her to change her mind, pay attention, turn in your assignments and stay seated and working until the bell rings.  You won’t get to move, but your teacher will have less reason to hover over you.


Mrs. Simon, who isn’t going to put up with slacking off in this part of the A to Z blog challenge