Saturday, April 2, 2016


Dear Ask a Teacher,

My chemistry class is sooooooooooo boring.  I told the teacher that his class is never fun, and he should make it more fun.  But he never does.  Once, my friend and I asked if we could ever watch a movie in class, and he said sure, and showed us a lame video about the periodic table!  I don’t get why teachers have to make everything so dull.  I mean, we’re the ones who have to sit through this crap, and then he tells us we don’t try hard and that our grades are terrible, but it’s his fault that his class is boring.  If he let us do more cool stuff, then maybe we’d actually learn.

Bored Brandon, who wants to be less bored

Dear Brandon,

I’m sorry you don’t find the class interesting.  Maybe the problem is that YOU’RE boring.  I mean honestly, after 32 years of teaching, with less than two months until retirement, there’s not much that a student can even say to me anymore that I find original or thought-provoking.  Seriously, Brandon, think about it – do you ever talk about anything that an ADULT might find interesting, like the A to Z blog challenge?  Or is it all just Call of Duty, Drake and your fantasy sports league to you? 

Furthermore, why are you so sure that you can't learn unless it's fun?  Maybe it is enjoyable, but you don’t know that because you have to work actively, not be passively entertained.  I bet other students are enjoying the subject and making good grades.  It sounds like you’re not learning anything anyway because you spend all your time complaining, instead of listening and seeing what you can get out of the lessons.  You may think the teacher is wasting your time, but you’re wasting his.  The subjects you take are subjects you NEED for life and college.  But I guess after 32 years of teaching I don’t know what I’m talking about as much as a 16-year-old who’s sagging his pants and making fart noises in the back of the room.


Mr. Hancock, at t-minus 43 days, 6 hours and 28 minutes