Friday, April 1, 2016

A for Absence, and I do mean complete absence of mind

Dear Ask A Teacher,

I want to know why my teacher just can’t drop the grades for the assignments on the day I was absent.  I had to go to the orthodontist and get my headgear tightened on Thursday a couple of weeks ago, so I missed class.  My friend Shari said we had a worksheet we were supposed to do, but I didn’t get it because I wasn’t there, you know?  But my teacher gave me a zero!  When I went to talk to her about it, she said that my absence was two weeks ago and “it’s my responsibility to follow up and check the weekly folders with the extra assignment sheets.”  Maybe I didn’t, but I mean, come on, I’m a sophomore in high school, and she has no idea how busy I am with band and lacrosse.  I said I forgot, so could she please just drop the grade, but she said no.  I think this is completely unfair, because what am I supposed to do?  I was ABSENT!  Stuff happens!  Should I email her and ask again to drop the grade?  I really don’t have time to do it now.  And don’t ask me to have my mom talk to her because my mom’s already mad at me about my grades in Algebra.

Absent-minded Annie

Dear Annie,

I’m sure it can be frustrating to think that you missed the opportunity to do valuable class work!  As a first year teacher, I know how important it is to students to feel like they’re staying on top of their work and learning along with their classmates!  And I’m sure you didn’t mean to forget about the worksheet because you understand how important it is, right?  Maybe next time you can make a list of teachers you need to see to pick up the work or put a reminder on your phone?  Or did you check the syllabus to find out what the policies were for when a student is absent?  I’m sure you’ll learn a valuable lesson from this experience, and it won’t happen again in the future.  Remember, teachers want to help you do your best, and we’re all in this together!  Let me know how it goes, and I hope I’ve inspired you in this A to Z Blog Challenge!  Because, you know, that's why I went into teaching, to inspire students.  

First-year teacher Ms. Munoz, but you can call me Sandra if you want