Monday, February 22, 2016

There's a tear near my beer, or there would be if I had one, uh, here.

I've decided to switch from Coke Zero to alcohol of some kind, like maybe whiskey, or heroin.  Then I might understand what I'm reading in these writing assignments. 

When it comes to the role of athletics in education, there are many people of different minds on the topic.

I believe that sports make up half of the school.

Without sports education would take a drastic turn since it would leave behind contributing factors sports gives us.

Sports do teach students how to work together, which is the opposite of education.

Schools are dropping education and putting sports into play. (Get it?  Great, that makes one of us.)

There are many different sides to this than meets the eye.

Another perspective that lingers in the minds of many...

From the classroom to the field, court or alley, many kids learn life lessons inside and outside the classrooms.

Sports and academics are similar and can help anyone by comparing the two catagories together.

Many different types of athletes exist around the world.  Several of them have been around for centuries.

A person needs an escape, such as a sport to learn communication, teamwork, and to experience a life that is not so unified.

It is safe to say the world lacks teamwork and coherence on many issues.

I actually agree with that last one.  Did someone spike my Coke Zero?