Wednesday, January 6, 2016

IWSG January: How to be less, a LOT less

I need to lose some weight.

I do, and I’ve known this for a couple of months.  I think most adults over the age of 25 generally could stand to lose a few pounds, and it’s not because I’m obsessed with being thin or have unrealistic expectations for my weight, or anyone else’s.  Having had many good friends who have been personal trainers and dieticians, I’ve hung around them enough to glean a few relevant facts about diet and weight loss.

What I’m insecure about this month (for IWSG) is the fact that for once, I really don’t want to put in the effort to lose the weight.  Normally, when I need to slim down, I discipline myself to eat right and exercise more until I’m back to my regular size.  Now, I just don’t want to. 

I could be because I learned now to make pralines over the Christmas break and I’m lying to myself that pralines are full of protein, due to the pecans in them.  All the cream and sugar are just extras.  It could be that since I walked the route of my 5K that I was stressing about a few months ago, I’ve convinced myself that I’m more fit than I am.  It could be that I’m not over the holiday sugar binge yet.  It could be the cold since I hate the cold.  Or it could just be laziness because right now, I’d rather improve my writing than move around a lot.

I’m not insecure about my writing at all.  I figure it’s not that great, and it’ll take me a long time to get to the point where it’s good.  I’m willing to work on it, so that’s fine.  It’s just everything else I’m not willing to do.  “Aren’t I busy enough already?” I ask myself.  “What more can anyone ask of me?”

But when students ask me if I’m wearing skinny jeans, and I NEVER wear skinny jeans because they look horrible on everyone who isn’t a supermodel, then something is wrong.  Now I need to work on being less-fat.  So I’m writing about it, to kill two birds with one stone. Although honestly, it probably looks like I just ate one of the birds.