Monday, November 2, 2015

Let's slow things down to a complete stop

It's time once again to read some of the "gems" I've gotten the fabulous opportunity to grade for the last month in my class.  As a writing teacher, having to read some of these sentences means spitting out my Coke Zero, choking on my Coke Zero, or opening a new Coke Zero to avoid making eye contact with the student who wrote it.

By the way, I'm all out of Coke Zero.  So send some over if you have any spare cans or bottles because I have papers from two more classes to get through.

Abortion is legal in the first three trimesters.

Look at the Communist leader of the Nazi Party in Germany (Fidel Castro).

Jeffersen knew he was a leader destin to make the world better.  He made electricity for the whole word.

Kim Jong-Un is the leader of the only self-reliant country on earth.

A real leader is one who does not care of the situation and is always willing to help.

Experiencing leadership as a senior has been diffcult to grasp.

In order to be a good leader, you shouldn’t be uptight and block out ideas given by people. 

Many laws have also been used to justify why they did something.

The people live in this society and they would be living their life there. (This one is my favorite.)

To work hard and have a good job that pays good makes you feel good because your not as worried about paying bills or taking your wife and kids to eat a nice place and then watch a movie.

Reading this, I think we can all agree that stuff is bad.

He's right.  Stuff is bad.  We all agree, right?