Monday, October 5, 2015

Congratulations! You suck.

I thought I'd give you a blast from my past at TCS, just for fun.  This incident happened three years ago, and I still shake my head over it.  

I found this in my email this morning:

“Dear Ms. Marlowe,

Please be advised that your lesson plans could not be found in Eduphoria as required.  Lesson plans should be uploaded by Sunday at 5 pm.  Please be aware that failure to post lesson plans can result in a negative evaluation, and could affect your future employment at TCS.”

I saw a link highlighted at the bottom of the text, so I clicked on it, because clearly, not having uploaded my lesson plans, I have tons of free time right now.  Except that I know I submitted the plans like I do every single day.  And since when is the deadline 5 pm on Sunday?  This is news to me.

The link opened up a calendar.  I clicked on each Monday, and it showed which teachers had lesson plans in place in the scheduling and planning software.  My name was listed.  

“What the heck is she talking about?” I wondered.  She might have mistaken me for Ms. Martinez again, but I'm not really sure how that's possible, as Ms. Martinez quit three months ago.  But hey, that would explain why she didn't have her lesson plans submitted. 

I emailed back.  “My apologies, Ms. Lear, but I did upload my plans.  The link for this past Sunday shows that I had them in the Friday prior, which is what I normally do.  I'm glad to know about the deadline, as I was unaware of it.  However, as to this omission, I assume that perhaps an error was made?”

I hit "send" and patted myself on the back for being so professional in pointing out this administrator's idiocy.  To be honest, I'm still steamed about the time she announced she was giving out “awards” to teachers who were consistently on time to work for the past month, and I didn't get an award, even though I’ve never been late.  I didn’t really want the $5 gift card to Starbucks anyway, but somehow, NOT getting it made me even madder.  You'll be happy to hear that I pointed out the omission to the entire administration.  Three times. 

A reply email popped up about an hour later.  

“Dear Ms. Marlowe,
No error was made. Please check the date of the 15th.  The deadline was emailed out to all teachers at the beginning of the school year.”

Is she smoking crack?  I go in and check on Sunday the 15th.  My lessons were in there, but they were saved at 8 pm, three hours late.  Okay, so they were three hours late – but that was four weeks ago!

I begin checking other dates.  Every single week, my lesson plans were saved by the deadline, except on Sunday the 15th.   

To recap for those who are just joining this post, Ms. Lear is sending me a disciplinary email, cc’d to the principal, for being three hours late submitting my plans A MONTH AGO, despite the fact that I’ve never been late with them before or after this event.  Why didn’t she send this to me a month ago, when it would have made sense?  More importantly, I didn’t even know what the deadline was, but I still met it every week. 

Is this why I didn't get my gift card? 

I'm mulling my options, which are as follows:
Option 1: I email her back and tell her she’s an idiot.
Option 2: Do nothing and ignore it.
Option 3: I email her back and tell her I would appreciate getting more immediate feedback in the future.
Option 4: I send this email to every other teacher I know to show what a moron she is.
Option 4a: Do option 4, plus ask her for my gift card every time I see her in the hall. 

If you figure out which option I picked, I will SAY that I'll send you a $5 Starbucks gift card.