Monday, September 7, 2015

We're loosing the war, literally.

Ah, bad writing.  Where would we be without it?  What else can quickly bring together snarky bloggers, writers and teachers so they can loudly condemn it? 

Look, most students are trying their best when they write essays, believe me, they are.  But sometimes teachers have students who write sentences like the ones you’ll read below and as a result, those teachers weep loudly for the future of humanity.  You can probably hear them now.

I used to think horrible writing was the result of students not knowing the rules of good grammar and sentence structure.  Then I got emails from the parents of these students, and I realized the apple that fell from the tree hit the entire family hard enough to cause brain damage.  At least I hope that’s what happened.  One of the parents is a radiologist.  

I’ll say no more, but instead I’ll let Junior's writing do the talking.

Most celebrities these day's makes millions of dollars. Some deserves the money others don't.

A profession is a vocation a person chooses in specializing academically to train for the job that they want to have.

Professions are not worth more than others because most people chooses what they want to do and others just do it to explore new things in life and sometimes succed in it.

Celebraties make too much money than they shoul. For example singers charge to much money for a cople of hours in a private concert. One good example would be the amount of money that my cousin had to pay so that she had a private concert for her 15th party. She had to pay around two thousand so that her favorite group could sing her some songs.

Everyone is worrying about how they're going to pay for their expenses, but I think life wouldnt have much meaning if everything was at your fingertips.

Celebrities make an exceeding amount for what they do.

Others may even have a uncomparable education when it comes to celebrities and still not make anywhere near one-fifth of what celebrities makes a month.

Making someone laugh or smile may be great job that helps others, but when it comes to the matter of importance, celebrities are completely void in the matter.

all celebrities are paid depending on the movie, their espression, their movement, but mostly if they can be and act

The harshful comments and reviews from critics and the people?

I’m not sure what that last semi-sentence meant, but I would agree that the question mark at the end of it was warranted.