Wednesday, September 2, 2015

IWSG - Clothes make this woman mad

I’ve got to upgrade my wardrobe.

Since starting at Debut Academy, I’ve realized that I dress like a homeless person.  My lack of fashion wasn’t an issue when I worked at TCS or Low Expectations High, because… well, look at the names.  Plus, if you dressed up you were a target, either of the students or the administration.  Wearing nice clothes screamed “rookie!” and you might find yourself either getting sucker-punched in the back of the head or given “extra duties” thanks to your exemplary attire.

I’m sort of kidding about the student part, mostly, but teachers try to dress as comfortably as they can because they have to deal with students all day.  Teachers can expect to get dirty, even if they don’t teach science or art, and they need comfortable shoes and elastic waists to accommodate the stress eating.

My insecurity for this month’s IWSG post is over my wardrobe.  I’m lazy enough that I want to dress like a writer, however that is (I assume it involves sweatpants – fingers crossed!).  But since Debut has an upper middle class to VERY upper-class student population, my schlubby Title I school clothes aren’t cutting it. 

The problem is that unlike most women, I absolutely HATE to shop for clothing.  I hate to shop for most things, but clothes shopping is particularly awful.  I’m not a weird size or clueless about what looks good on me (although I could stand to drop at least 10 pounds, thanks to CISD, because I feel like blaming the district for my lack of self-control); it’s just something I really hate doing.  I resent the fact that I need to buy nicer things.

So I’ve gritted my teeth and walked through a few stores, but it’s hard to buy nice clothes on a teacher’s salary.  I can afford things at lower end stores, but the quality is terrible, and the items won’t last through more than two or three washings.  Now I’m trying to figure out a “uniform” of sorts so that I don’t have to think about what I wear.  Maybe I should buy four pairs of black pants and the same blouse in four different colors.  If students and other teachers think I wear the same stuff all the time, that’s fine by me.  I just have to get through the week without having to do laundry multiple times or without stinking.