Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's over? Now what?

As part of the IWSG, we're supposed to spend the first Wednesday writing about our writing insecurities.  Having just finished the A-Z blog post, which was like being in labor every day for a month, I almost feel like it's too much to write yet another post for awhile.

But in all seriousness, since students and school and assignments take up so much of my time, I'm now concerned that if I don't have something like the Challenge to push me on, I won't get the writing done that I want to.  I think most of us would agree that it's outside pressures that drive us forward most of the time and encourage us to better ourselves.  Otherwise, no one would change out of their sweatpants, and we'd all eat ice cream straight out of the carton for each meal.  Public accountability and shaming keep most of us moving ahead steadily because we don't have enough willpower to do it on our own.

Plus, writing is HARD, as I'm reminded by my students every single day.  "But miss, I don't like to write.  It's too hard!"  Luckily, or maybe unluckily for them, they have grades to keep themselves accountable.  I don't have that unless you want to start grading my posts in the comments sections. So, uh, please don't, at least not yet.

But if you have a suggestion for me on how to externally motivate myself to stay on a regular writing/posting schedule, I'm all ears.  Meanwhile, back to grading poorly written essays in which students inform me that I need to be more like Martin Luther King, Jr., who dreamed big and ended slavery in the U.S.  Or I should be like Einstein, who invented the lightbulb.