Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Comedy = tragedy + time + probably a better writer

Visitors to my blog already know that I'm all about public education, well, as all about it as you can be while still making fun of it.  I contemplated starting this blog for months and months before I actually dove in and did it.  Contemplating involved reading lots of articles, getting lots of advice (thanks, Karen Gowen!) and watching other, more practiced authors do this.  In addition, I crept around on other blogs to learn the whys and hows (thanks, IWSG!)

Most of you have probably wanted to be writers ever since you were small.  I did, too, but my main desire has always been to write things that are funny.  I never had a desire to publish a novel, so when I told people that I wanted to be a writer, but not write BOOKS, they usually squinted at me, and made a face before walking off.  I'm not sure why, but it's always been important to me to make people laugh.

Sadly, I think I've picked a topic to cover that is a comedy goldmine, and yet, it really isn't funny.  So maybe that's where my insecurity lies.  I believe that you can joke about almost anything, but you probably shouldn't.  Constant sarcasm or criticism isn't funny either, as we all should know - right, Bill Mahr?  Comedy equals tragedy plus time, supposedly.  There's plenty of tragedy, sure, but when is it NOT right to try and poke fun at it?