Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not just embracing change, but making out with change

Big changes are coming to my district!  Big, BIG changes!

Specifically, the font, colors and logo of the district are changing.  We can tell it’s a big deal because they sent an email out to all the employees telling us so.  It said, “Dear ________ employee, this is to notify you of some of the big changes in the district that you are already probably aware of.”   

In the vain hope that all the upper administration got wiped out in a freak tornado, I read on, but no such luck.  Our district colors have changed from green to a lighter shade of green.  The font used on the website is no longer Georgia, but something else.  This will give us a “cleaner, more professional look, more representative of who we are.”  I guess that’s exciting.  What would be really exciting is if the links on the home page were updated regularly.

Anyway, the email spent a lot of time talking about how we should refer to the district as Crappy ISD, not CISD, because clearly, the attitude and statistics of the district will change due to that.  Also, our motto is no longer “striving for the best,” as that motto is “no longer reflective of the district goals.”  We don’t strive to be the best.  We strive to be the least worst.  Our new motto is “learning is our business.” 

I can think of many mottos that might be more representative of our district.  Maybe something like “Crappy – where the cops only come once a week,” or “Where learning comes third,” or “Preparing the leaders of tomorrow, maybe tomorrow.”  Oh, and they fired three vice presidents, three principals and a lot of counselors, in hopes of “dramatically changing our leadership profile.”

Now that all these new changes are on board, I can’t wait to see what happens!  In fact, in our mandatory staff meeting today (motto: “Where blame is the norm”) we were told that the district has already seen that the classrooms that have incorporated the new lesson plan and learning style have seen significant changes in student achievement.  So that’s why the word wall is so important – keeping in mind that we were told to incorporate the word wall only a week ago, along with the gradual release of sanity lesson format.
If you don’t believe in radical changes, you are clearly not a CISD – sorry, CRAPPY ISD - employee or follower.  All it took was a few anchor charts, word walls, “I do, you do, I do” models and now we are a high performing district – within a week!  Too bad so many “loser teachers” haven’t got on board yet, and they spend too much time complaining about the new, daily documentation that will have to be turned in for each special ed student.  Of course, to be fair, it’s the lack of immediate change that makes them loser teachers.  Plus, good teachers should be excited to waste more time on paperwork, rather than teaching. 

Probably if we loser teachers would get on board with the district changes, we’d feel more empowered and excited about our roles in this highly functioning Hindenburg.  I, for one, agree, and have decided that I’ll follow the district’s lead by changing the colors and fonts in my email.  I can feel the effectiveness now, just flooding into my internal organs.

Everyone likes a hot pink Comic Sans font, right?